“Citation 650 (3,6,7) flying at Mach 0.85”

Citation 650 (3,6,7)

The Citation 650 (3,6,7) flying at Mach 0.85

While the Learjet is certainly one of my personal all time favorite aircraft, the sleek and graceful Cessna Citation 650 (Citation 3, 6, 7) definitely holds it’s place as one of the best corporate jets ever produced. With it’s mid class size and stand up cabin, nearly 2400 mile range, business passengers feel right at home with lots of room and massive amounts of baggage storage.

“The Business Persons Fighter Jet”


For decades we have known of the Learjet as “the business persons fighter jet”.

Having piloted Learjets for over five thousand hours myself, I couldn’t agree more with this statement. With many modifications now on the market to improve on what is already great, including the “Batwing ZR-lite” mod, which is proven to decrease time to climb, increase range, decrease runway lengths, decrease fuel consumption etc., the Learjet will continue to be one of my all-time favorite aircraft.

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