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Learjet Known as the Business Persons Fighter Jet

written by Wesley
12 · 21 · 17
Nashville Aircraft Management - Learjet 35
For decades we have known of the Learjet as “the business persons fighter jet”.

Having piloted Learjets for over five thousand hours myself, I couldn’t agree more with this statement. With many modifications now on the market to improve on what is already great, including the “Batwing ZR-lite” mod, which is proven to decrease time to climb, increase range, decrease runway lengths, decrease fuel consumption, etc., the Learjet will continue to be one of my all-time favorite aircraft.

Another great modification to the already wonderful Garrett 731 engines on the Learjet 35 are Dash 3C engines. The Learjet 35 has a long history of being overpowered, all while sipping fuel. Simply put, pilots love flying over-powered aircraft and having power reserves. Pilots also love flying aircraft that are fuel misers. The modern Learjet covers both bases.

Having just flown the Learjet 35 with these dash 3C engines, all I can say is wow! I was truly impressed with the already wonderful performance being improved upon. The aircraft climbs like a rocket on steroids. Time to climb to altitudes where already great fuel consumption is even lower is greatly reduced. I find myself pulling the power back at times when the power would normally be left alone, saving even more fuel.

Perhaps one day, I can get my hands on a graphite grey color paint on a Learjet 35 or 36, with fire engine red trim, a ZR-lite Bat Wing modification, and the dash 3C engines, all in one beautiful package, while flying swimsuit supermodels to photo shoots on some isolated island? Until then I will continue to fly today’s business jets and report on industry trends and what’s new.



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